What we do

Optimum designs organisations so they achieve success. For most it's about taking their business to the next level, but for some it's necessary to start all over again. How is this achieved?


Optimum's research and many years experience has identified that regardless of sector, there are 3 elements in every organisation that are the foundation of operational delivery.

Financial Capital

Activity Based Costing & Zero Based Budgeting

Human Capital

Bringing together leadership, structure, management and communication.

Infrastructure Capital

Having finance in place, and the right people is futile without the correct processes and systems.

How do we do this?

Effective Organisations

The team in Optimum are committed to the principle that effective organisations deliver success through having effective organisational structures in place that facilitate the delivery of their product.


The combined years of experience of our consultants has generated Optimum's principle of seeking to create Alignment within organisations. This we define as:
"The integration of aims and practices within organisations linked to matching the behaviour of those tasked with delivering success"

The Building Blocks

This principle of alignment applies to the 3 building blocks that all organisations must address:
· Human Capital
· Financial Capital
· Material Capital

  Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.  
- Steve Jobs

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