Performance, Recovery, Mergers and Acquisitions

Expertise: where we work

Our overarching aim is to help structure organisations to develop, implement and sustain high performance, and our focus is in the following key areas:


Many of our clients are good at what they do, but they recognise that becoming great requires an external perspective. When we work with clients to improve their performance we respect their understanding of their business, but we bring decades of knowledge of good practice from elsewhere, particularly in understanding the implications of change.

Optimum identifies aspects of the organisation that when re-aligned will significantly improve overall performance. Most importantly we work with the client to transfer our skills to them so that constantly seeking ways of improving performance becomes an operational standard rather than an intervention.

  Corporate Recovery

When businesses fail the cause can nearly always be traced back to a failure of leadership and poor decision making.

This is compounded by structures that do not support the organisation's purpose, resulting from a failure to plan adequately leading to increasingly reactive and interventionist management.

Optimum works to restructure the organisation to ensure there is no repetition of failure. This includes clarifying the purpose, redesigning role profiles, operational frameworks, communication networks and accountability and responsibility matrices.

  Mergers and Acquisitions

There is no such thing as a merger, our many combined years of experience in the field has demonstrated that the dominant culture always prevails.

And yet 75% of acquisitions fail... why? Very often it is down to cultural incompatibility.

Optimum's team identifies potential pitfalls in advance of a proposed acquisition and while we will never counsel against an acquisition, in line with our underpinning philosophy of understanding risk, we offer our recommendations to minimise the chances of failure.

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