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We work across the UK, Europe and the USA helping our clients achieve sustained high performance.

High performance is the destination, but we always start by identifying where our clients are leaving from. For most it's about taking their business to the next level...but for some it's necessary to start all over again.

When you appoint Optimum you get the services of experts in their fields with years of operational experience at board level internationally, combined with leading edge consultancy delivery; you will not be dealing with newly qualified MBA graduates straight out of business school.


Optimum's research and many years experience has identified that regardless of sector, there are 3 elements in every organisation that are the foundation of operational delivery. We call them the "3 C's". These are:

· Financial Capital
· Human Capital
· Infrastructure Capital

For each organisation there is an optimal alignment, no two are the same. Using both bespoke tools and the combined senior level expertise of our team we look at how each of the 3 C's is impacting on the effectiveness of the business and how these can be better aligned.

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Financial Capital

Finance is the fuel that powers organisations, regardless of sector. Optimum is not a financial consultancy, but we have experts in understanding how to optimise the use of the money you have.

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Human Capital

Organisations are dynamic entities, it's people that make them work. We look at ensuring you have engaged people, in the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.

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Infrastructure Capital

Having finance in place, and the right people is futile without the correct processes and systems in place. Our team look at "how" you deliver your services.

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  If you are doing things the same way as two years ago, you are almost certainly doing them wrong.  
- John Harvey Jones

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