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How do we achieve this?

Our combined experience represents over 150 years at senior level internationally across multiple organisations across all sectors. This experience is combined with academic research and analysis.


Our starting point is ensuring we have as complete an understanding of your organisation as possible so we can put your requirements into context. Through examination of your business metrics using our bespoke tools, detailed structured interviews with key staff, customers, service users, and reviewing market sector data, we produce a detailed analysis highlighting where you will benefit from revising the way you do things.


We recognise you will have your own expectations, but you are seeking our expert advice. Our recommendations will enable you to achieve the result you are seeking. They will be detailed, fully costed and will address each of the 3 "C's" showing how re-alignment will positively impact on your organisation.


We strongly advocate that the responsibility lies with the company to implement change, and our underpinning philosophy is that consultants support the change process, they should never lead it. Ownership is vital to success. However we will work closely with your team to ensure a successful change process and will develop appropriate structures to achieve success including governance and risk evaluation.

  Our Tools

  • Role Mapping
  • Cultural Due Diligence Profiling (CDDP)
  • OSCaR
  • Event Costing
  • Activity Based Driver Analysis

  The purpose of information is not knowledge. It is being able to take the right action.  
- Peter Drucker

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